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War by the Ill-prepared, Unready, and Unwilling

Love a duck!

It was an extraordinary opportunity to take out somewhere between one-quarter and one-third of the Islamic State’s entire truck fleet. And after destroying 116, the Americans ran out of ammunition. The remaining 184 trucks were not destroyed.

That’s not all!

“We have not struck these trucks before,” Warren said. “We assessed that these trucks, while although they are being used for operations that support ISIL, the truck drivers, themselves, [are] probably not members of ISIL; they’re probably just civilians. So we had to figure out a way around that. We’re not in this business to kill civilians, we’re in this business to stop ISIL — to defeat ISIL.”

No you’re not, no you’re not.

If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

Byron York: U.S. ran out of ammo in attack on ISIS trucks

Sweet Thursday

Greil Marcus has seemingly spun right out of the solar system “When that cop killed Michael Brown, and when George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, they were killing Barack Obama”  I guess I’m done with him now;  he belongs now to the ages, but not to me.

Tarte Tatin at the NYT  What a horrible mess they’ve made. Not quite fair to pick on the NYT Food folks. The section’s been a near-disaster for a long time. But this one, wow: boughten puff pastry, ordinary apples, an odd intro, and suspect history. (In the print version, there’s more than half a page of unannotated b+w pix, the last one a real charm, signifying a lack of ads, I suppose.)

Men: If you shave, and if you work, shave before you go to work. The rule that applies here: work is about work, not about you. If you look like you got up late, drank too much last night, been seeing a little sweetie on the side, etc, then you become the subject. How can I say this? You’re just not that remarkable. So…
Shave + Work = Not You (and that’s good!)

” …a bizarre affair…”


This man is near death.

Understatement: “The men’s marathon at the 1904 Summer Olympics in St. Louis took place on August 30 of that year. Thirty-two athletes representing four nations competed, but only 14 managed to finish the race, which proved to be a bizarre affair due to poor organization and officiating.”

You betcha.  Link

Extended QotD: Connect and Understand!

In its entirety;

Reading Tip #1

It’s tempting to judge what you read:

I agree with these statements, and I disagree with those.

However, a great thinker who has spent decades on an unusual line of thought cannot induce their context into your head in a few pages. It’s almost certainly the case that you don’t fully understand their statements.

Instead, you can say:

I have now learned that there exists a worldview in which all of these statements are consistent.

And if it feels worthwhile, you can make a genuine effort to understand that entire worldview. You don’t have to adopt it. Just make it available to yourself, so you can make connections to it when it’s needed.

My apologies for such thievery, but this is quite excellent (common sense, yes, but that seems rare enough!). Your job as a reader is to try to understand   — once you’ve decided that the author is honest and trustworthy.

From here: http://worrydream.com/Links2013/

QotD: Merkins Confused by Materialism

As practitioners of consumption, Americans lead poorly edited lives.

Print Starts to Settle Into Its Niches,” David Carr, NYT, 1/5/14

Mr. Kelly edits and owns Cool Tools, a website that writes about neat stuff and makes small money off referral revenue from Amazon when people proceed to buy some of those things. He decided to edit the thousands of reviews that had accrued over the last 10 years into a self-published print catalog — also called “Cool Tools” — which he would then sell for $39.99.

Cheetahs: Best. Day. Ever.

Cheetahs kill white-tailed deer at National Zoo

No witnesses saw the deer entering the cheetah habitat — other than the cheetahs.

Merry Christmas!

The French Grill

Bob’s said something idiotic.

But he’s an American; it’s not just allowed, it’s his right.  On which he should be supported. Stuff it France!

Meantime, keep a clean nose, watch the plain clothes.

Someone’s got it in for me, they’re planting stories in the press
Whoever it is I wish they’d cut it out but when they will I can only guess

(That’s 3!)

December 7, 1941

Pearl Harbor

Shaka Zulu


Shaka Zulu

You call it “art”; the Police call it “not art”


The letters’ estimated value, according to a gallery owner who specializes in Banksy’s work, is between $200,000 and $300,000. But in the view of the Police Department, which has categorized the balloons as “arrest evidence,” they are somewhat less rarefied, possibly to their peril.

“I don’t have it as art on the invoice,” said Deputy Chief Jack J. Trabitz, the commanding officer of the property clerk division, which maintains facilities around the city for evidence storage. “We have it as a balloon.”
Police Confiscate Banksy Balloons and Say They’re Not Art, NYT, 11/5/2013

(They know, too;  they’ve been teaching “Applied Art” down at the Police Academy for decades now!)

Follow this link to see the whole crime spree.

“We must be cautious.”


“You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.”

More: http://rolanddeschane.deviantart.com/gallery/46432162

See it and weep


The Shape We’re In

Not only is the future problematic, but the present is a hell of a mess!

Peace in the valley? Indeed!


Out of nine lives, I spent seven
Now, how in the world do you get to Heaven?
Oh, you don’t know the shape I’m in

I just spent sixty days in the jail house
For the crime of having no dough
Now, here I am back out on the street
For the crime of having nowhere to go, oh

Save your neck or save your brother
Looks like it’s one or the other
Oh, you don’t know the shape I’m in

The Shape I’m In, The Band, 1970
wiki, lyrics, video/audio, another

What is this “World Wide Web”?


And here.

(Thanks again MeFi!)


The proportion of the nation’s children identified with autism disorders has been on a remarkable climb: from one in 5,000 in 1975 to one in 50 in 2013.

A Newborn’s Placenta May Reveal Autism Risk.” Karen Weintraub, USA Today, April 25, 2013

(Let’s expand the scope of these here definitions a bit more, eh? Let’s call this one Autism Spectrum Disorder! And, oh yeah, let’s invent Internet Disorder!)


*Frightening Fact Stumbled Upon While Headed Elsewhere

Hot Mess!

No…not that!

Not that either!

From the Urban Dictionary:

a derogatory term describing a situation, behavior, appearance, etc. that is disastrously bad. Think “faux pas” but times ten. Possible origin is literal (think, steaming dogpile).

“She got up on stage and tried to sing Beyonce’s “Dangerously In Love” but her performance was a hot mess.”

Here’s a real-world use of the term:






















That’s from here. (I think it should be “and grind them all together”, or, better yet, simply “and grind them”.)

And somehow we’re reminded of this.

Possum’s 9 Lives All Used Up

George Jones is dead; the unquenchable is quenched.

An amazing distinctive expressive voice.

Lots of great songs.  Follow the links here (great job MeFi!). Yes, He Stopped Loving Her Today.

If we had to choose just one song, we’d choose Bartender’s Blues.

And if we were choosing just one story, we’d choose this one.

(This here’s an adult forum, folks!)

Prospective Citizens Thwarted!



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