You call it “art”; the Police call it “not art”


The letters’ estimated value, according to a gallery owner who specializes in Banksy’s work, is between $200,000 and $300,000. But in the view of the Police Department, which has categorized the balloons as “arrest evidence,” they are somewhat less rarefied, possibly to their peril.

“I don’t have it as art on the invoice,” said Deputy Chief Jack J. Trabitz, the commanding officer of the property clerk division, which maintains facilities around the city for evidence storage. “We have it as a balloon.”
Police Confiscate Banksy Balloons and Say They’re Not Art, NYT, 11/5/2013

(They know, too;  they’ve been teaching “Applied Art” down at the Police Academy for decades now!)

Follow this link to see the whole crime spree.

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