Sweet Thursday

Greil Marcus has seemingly spun right out of the solar system “When that cop killed Michael Brown, and when George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, they were killing Barack Obama”  I guess I’m done with him now;  he belongs now to the ages, but not to me.

Tarte Tatin at the NYT  What a horrible mess they’ve made. Not quite fair to pick on the NYT Food folks. The section’s been a near-disaster for a long time. But this one, wow: boughten puff pastry, ordinary apples, an odd intro, and suspect history. (In the print version, there’s more than half a page of unannotated b+w pix, the last one a real charm, signifying a lack of ads, I suppose.)

Men: If you shave, and if you work, shave before you go to work. The rule that applies here: work is about work, not about you. If you look like you got up late, drank too much last night, been seeing a little sweetie on the side, etc, then you become the subject. How can I say this? You’re just not that remarkable. So…
Shave + Work = Not You (and that’s good!)

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