Union Logic!

You might think about going tomorrow…

or you might just think about shoveling snow, going to the dump, keeping your head down and your opinions to yourself.

And you might just sing a little song!

Well, it’s sundown on the union
And what’s made in the U.S.A.
Sure was a good idea
’Til greed got in the way

-“Union Sundown“, Bob Dylan, 1983

Maine Next?

Maybe, says the Daily Beast here: 16 States Going to War on Unions.

(I hope it’s clear, but just in case:  when I link to a site it doesn’t always mean that I adhere to their bazz-fazz!)

Conservative think tank calls for 3,900 state worker cuts.  I’m sure they mean job cuts. Or can we pick just one poor unfortunate to receive all those cuts?

The Case for Play.  Let’s save childhood — from the adults!

Bill would extend Maine school year Because, after all, more days are…more better!

Madison: The Shape of Things to Come

There’s a battle going on in Madison.  It’s bloody and ugly, as battles are.

If you want to keep up with it, I can’t think of a better source than Ann Althouse.

Some of her posts from today:

After all those efforts to paint Tea Partiers as using violent images…

How much respect did the demonstrators show…

It’s worthwhile to keep reading her site.

You might read Jay Nordlinger’s post from yesterday, Teachers Who Break Your Heart. Here’s an excerpt:

This morning, I received a letter from one of our readers, a letter that could break your heart for the thousandth time concerning what teachers have become in the United States. Teachers used to be something like a holy caste, practically the most honorable among us. I come from a family of teachers. Everyone thought of it as a noble calling. Teachers earned too little, but that was remedied, over time.

Then everything went screwy. Teachers were not just well paid. (“Best part-time job in America,” Lee Iacocca once quipped, to the howls of many.) They were some of the most petulant, greediest, nastiest unionists around.

Finally, from Instapundit:

A reader emails: “What do you think would happen if a student in a public school called the principal a dictator and put crosshairs on his face? Given the prevailing zero-tolerance (aka zero-thought) policies, the best the student could hope for would be a lengthy suspension. These people really have no clue.”

Middle-school sex and drugs survey canceled after parents object. Sometimes protecting your kid means telling “educators” to buzz off!

Love, Requited

And on V-Day too!

LePage nominates Heritage Policy Center’s Bowen for education commissioner.  Can you say nomination fight?

The Shape Shifter!

The highest and best use of the Internet, we all know, is for funny cat videos — witness the Maru collection.

Then there are the videos of other animals.  Some of these rise almost to the level of educational!

Thus, this owl.

He do not like the other owls!

He’s a shape-shifter!

Don’t mess with him!

Maggie’s Grammy

Yesterday’s televised Grammy Award ceremony would be particularly disheartening if one thought it represented anything real about the culture that spawned it. There’s some connection, surely, but we have to hope that the connection’s thin, and that maybe ultimately the peeps are scornful of this Hollywood crap.  Otherwise, Lord have mercy! It’s as though moose turd pie were appreciated as great cooking!

At best many of the presentations were eyewash. At the worst — and there was a lot of “worst” — they were wrongheaded, amateurish, perverse, a vulgar spectacle, a stunning End Times display. There was very little actual music on hand, some of the opening Aretha tribute being an exception. Otherwise, lots of imitation, hype, preening, and posturing. Melody was in short supply.

But it was interesting as theater.  Some of the best was this little sequence below. Here’s the set-up:  two earnest young would-be folk-rocker outfits (Mumford & Sons, and the Avett Brothers) precede the old Jedi, Our Hero. The master’s song, to be joined in on and backed by these pups?  Maggie’s Farm!

The irony here is that Maggie’s, along with Positively Fourth Street, is widely seen as Bob’s kiss-off to the oh-so-serious topical folkies of his day, those whom the pups appear to revere.


“..essentially a protest song against protest folk…” is how the Wikipedia article puts it.  There are other interpretations presented there and elsewhere.  Official lyrics here. 1965 debut here (context + mp3).

One other thought to bear in mind, on watching the video:  Don’t You Mind People Grinning in Your Face

Snow Day Calculator. Back Story.

States with the Smartest Kids. Really?

School-merger law again in crosshairs (Ouch!  Such language!)

The USSR comes to Bangor: Is the Bangor School Committee ‘all in favor’ after 300 unanimous votes?

The Frary Home Companion: Education reform follies

Who’d a’thunk it? To Really Learn, Quit Studying and Take a Test

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